Earth Seed

Who invited those two?

Who invited those guys?

In the first session of our campaign, we were introduced to the four least likely heroes this side of the sun. Maybe it was the hors d’oeuvres, or perhaps it was the dozen shrieking party members as an unknown synth assaulted a fellow guest. Regardless of how exactly they were brought together, Blasto, Miles, Augustus and Shauna’s futures, and the fate of the whole solar system are now indelibly intertwined.

The party

Augustus decided to throw a party. He rented a swanky venue called The Terrastratus to receive his guests. It was just another weekend of flexing some social muscle and looking for potential new contacts for his continued scheming. He was pretty lax about who he invited, given his intent to broaden his social network, and that led to a few unsavory types entering into the picture…

Blasto and Shauna were performing their Friday night ritual of scouring the mesh, looking for potential criminals to hunt down. Their queries were coming up dry, and a heavily chirped party seemed more interesting than a night in simulspace. They brought some drugs to barter their way in with…

Miles gets bored easily. This past Thursday he decided he would not be anti-social on Friday night. Having made this decision he felt like he swung too hard towards the extroverted end of the spectrum. As such he decided he would be as big of an uninvited twat as he could muster to make up for this.

What went down

Augustus entertained the guests as best he could, hoping to find the one person who’d make the night worth it. Shauna and Syntho (Blasto’s synth shell) were outside, attempting to bribe their way in with drugs. After a failed attempt to bluff their way in, they showed their wares, which prompted security to buzz Augustus. Augustus let them in, and had them escorted to the “others vault”.

Miles came in shortly after. He had no such problems hacking his name into the registry prior to his arrival. With a quick tap of his thumb, he had verified his identity via an RSAAA encrypted signature embedded in his right thumb’s nanotat. He waltzed in, gait slow but mind ablaze with the sort of fun he might have at this party…

Augustus spotted a nice gentleman by the name of Hefner Richardson. He was mostly envious of the ladies on either side of Hef and decided to have a pissing contest. He collected seven females, a couple of whom were sylphs and introduced himself to Hef. Hef and Augustus then had a nice chat. They started with exopolitics, and after learning that Hef was with the Solaris bank, Augustus slowly drove the topic of conversation to how Hef might be of use to him as a 3rd rank Solaris HyperCorp exec.

Shauna and Syntho meanwhile had made nice conversation with another unsavory pair of party goers. Shauna, being female and badass, caught the attention of an olympian hunk of stuff. She made small talk while Syntho explored The Hulk’s back pockets for anything of interest. Syntho did manage to find a piece of paper with a drawing, but failed to recognize what it was. After a good hard minute of staring, Syntho gave up. Syntho snapped a pic and sent it to Shauna for inspection, but she had just as rotten luck trying to ID the person in the picture. Oh well…

Meanwhile, Miles, who was downstairs, ran a portscanner on everyone in the vicinity to try to find vulnerabilities in peoples’ mesh inserts. After a few minutes of searching, one (unfortunate) partygoer was identified as having substandard, outdated tech embedded in his cranium. (That’s what you get for getting mesh inserts from the 80’s at mega-mart, I guess…) Miles injected his favorite program which involves optical trickery and uses AR to slowly rotate the victim’s field of view by 30 degrees to the right. The program was set to trigger at Mile’s command. After doing this, he proceeded to talk up this nice, redheaded nurse who happened to be standing nearby. Knowing a thing or two about surgery, thanks to all of the cortical stacks he’s popped, he bluffed his way into a delightful conversation…

Upstairs, The Hulk wanted to make hot Russian love to Shauna. Shauna was none too happy about this, but Big Green seemed a tad suspicious, so Syntho pushed Shauna to play the part. They made their way to a back room where Shauna convinced Blue Pants that Syntho would act as cameraman. This is when the fun got started.

Very quickly, an altercation broke out as The Hulk went in to seal the deal. Syntho and Shauna tag teamed the Angry One and Syntho sent a debilitating shock to Big Arm’s system. Miles, wonderfully prescient, tapped into the camera system and broadcast what was going on in the back room. The video feed played and replayed in the main lobby for everyone to see. The party guests, still fearful of a robotic uprising, basically lost their shit, and half the party tried to make it for the exits. Augustus, not wanting his nice party to be ruined, commanded the exits to be blocked under the guise of needing to capture the perpetrator. He told everyone that security had already been alerted and that they were coming and… oh, they’re already here.

Miles tried escaping. Unable to do so, he tried to figure out what was going on. According to a quick computer scan, the security guards were pretty low quality and had an expected response time of 5 minutes, not 30 seconds. Something seemed fishy. That’s when he picked up on EM signals coming from an unmarked, black van parked a good 30 yards outside… Something was most definitely up.

Shauna and Syntho met the security guards promptly. They looked suspiciously like a couple they had seen in the “others vault”, but this fact flew under the radar of their conscious level thought. Not wanting to be tagged as the bad guys, they tried logicking their way out of assault charges but ultimately let the guards cuff them and bring them to the Stratus’ holding cell on the second floor. The Hulk was conveniently left on the floor of the back room. Augustus came to inspect Shauna and Syntho in the cells. Being none-too-pleased he gave them a long, glowering stare. In this time the two guards were able to slowly back away and make for the exits. Just as they got to the top of the stairs, the real security buzzed Augustus, asking if everything was okay. Augustus quickly turned around, then turned back to let the new heroes out. A quick firefight ensued, and there was some really bad parkour by the fake guards as they mad dashed their way to the exits. The Hulk showed up and got some flak to the face. When the dust settled, a good minute went by where the only thing audible was the short, quick breaths of the rattled party members.




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