Earth Seed


After an entertaining show at Augustus’ party, Augustus decides this rag tag group of fellow Lunas might make for an interesting party to help further his causes. Miles sees an equally enticing proposal as he needs additional hands if he’s ever to find Pip before the century’s up. Shauna and Blasto are curious enough to tag along after all of the fun they had at what locals now lovingly call “Terror Stratus”. Augustus has had to pay hefty fees to fix both the damage to the building as well as the damage to the establishment’s reputation. Half of the people who attended the party thought it was indeed a really good show. The other half were frightened out of their minds and are hesitant to call the act “staged”, despite Augustus’ heavy insistence.

What happened

The quatro met up in a seedier part of town at an early 20th century style speak easy called The Stop. They got to talking about personal motives and quickly latched onto the uniting topic of criminal activity. Miles proved himself a skillful researcher as he scrounged up data regarding potential suspects behind the Terror Stratus plot. The gang isn’t sure why Augustus was being targeted or what the goal was, but they could only assume the worst. Augustus knew of 3 potential people who might be interested in his affairs, and after some spectacular researching, Miles uncovered a tie between the troupe that carried out the events at Terror Stratus and Ben Gifford, the suspect named by Augustus as being most likely to be after him.

Shauna and Blasto found this bantering a little boring and decided to sneak out, sticking Miles and Augustus with the tab. What did it matter anyway, the service was shitty and the server got Blasto’s whiskey wrong. As they ambled out, they blindly passed up 4 armed ruffians heading in the opposite direction, into The Stop and towards their newly minted but utterly boring friends. These fresh gangsters entered the private drinking area of our heroes and barked a pathetic request to surrender. This was no problem though as Augustus, with the social grace of Bruce Willis, quickly turned the tables by correctly guessing the names of and threatening the children and loved ones of the ruffians in the room.

The ruffians left post-haste, and again passed up the deliberating Shauna and Blasto on the way out. They made it about 10 meters out the door before realizing that most ruffians have the same boring names and Augustus was probably full of it. The four of them promptly turned around. Recognizing the nearby octopus and babe as being part of Augustus’ group, they brandished their weapons and started a near point blank conflict. That’s when our boy Blasto taught them they’d made a huge mistakeā€¦



Next thing you know, we’ll find out that Ben Gifford is gay and his lover is named Joey DeManuel. Also he’s in a metal band called “Murder Chariots”.

Bonus XP to the next person that catches on?

Pretty obvi.

And must I say, lolololololol

But I don’t count since I’m the GM (SM?)

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