Earth Seed

Into Darkness

After the gang had their brief encounter with the ruffians, they decided that it would be best if all party members were equipped with some sort of weapon… (we’re looking at you Miles and Augustus). The party then hit up the store that Jubal Early works at. He was unable to give the party members free weapons, but the party members scrounged up some money and found their means. Jubal decided to join in on some of the fun because he likes weapon play. He doesn’t necessarily care for the righteous cause of kicking bogey ass the same way that Blasto does though.

Given the GPS coordinates taken from the fallen foes from the Spot, the team made their way to the supposed head quarters of Ben Gifford. The team chose to take a commuter train to the mining facility as opposed to renting an atmo. protective buggy.

The team made their way through to the central mining hub. They quickly realized that the GPS coordinates they obtained corresponded to an old, shuttered mining facility (one of the first, in fact). Realizing that no trains were running to that location, Miles quickly identified a hidden terminal and summoned a train. Realizing that the train is probably constantly monitored, he cut his way into an interior panel for the entire team to hide. He resealed the panel but left some perforations for a quick exit.

The team then rode the train to the enemy base.

Upon arriving, the party stealthily surveyed the new locale and made their way out into the main chamger. The main chamber was mostly evacuated with two trains running to equal and opposite ends. The team followed one track to the conical carved out chunk of moon rock to find an uninteresting chamber. After some investigation, Miles spotted a small cache in one of the crevices and removed it.

The party was last seen inspecting this cache.


New Items:

Shauna – ? (What weapon?)
Jubal – SMG railgun (+50% range) and Vibroblade (great for sawing)
Miles – SMG – 100AP rounds
Augustus – ?
(what weapon?)
Syntho – Laser pulser
Blasto – 6 medium pistols



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